Does your business have a mobile marketing plan to take advantage of it?

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Mobile earned a 19% increase in US consumer media consumption share in just 5 years while TV lost 8% of the share.

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Your customers are now mobile. Proof? 60% of online devices are now smartphones or tablets.

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In 2016, smartphone owners spend over 3 hours/day on mobile. However, in certain demographics, smartphone usage can be in excess of 10 HOURS/DAY (and more!)

A Little History…..

Without question, the absolute single largest and fastest growing paradigm shift in the history of mankind as been that of mobile communications, specifically with the invention of the smartphone.  The adoption of this incredible, powerful, mobile technology has literally changed the way the world communicates and, in many ways, the way it operates.  No other single technology has ever, literally, enveloped the globe in such a short span of time.  Today, that growth shows no sign of slowing and is advancing in exponential fashion.

Consider the following paragraph, written by Jacob Weisberg, in his article for The New York Review of Books titled, “We Are Hopelessly Hooked,” which underscores just how quickly mobile technology has changed life as we knew it beginning with the release of the first smartphone, Apple’s iPhone, in 2007:

Our transformation into device people has happened with unprecedented suddenness. The first touchscreen-operated iPhones went on sale in June 2007, followed by the first Android-powered phones the following year. Smartphones went from 10 percent to 40 percent market penetration faster than any other consumer technology in history. In the United States, adoption hit 50 percent only three years ago. Yet today, not carrying a smartphone indicates eccentricity, social marginalization, or old age.

As would be expected, this paradigm shift sent a ripple effect throughout the remainder of the paradigms in society, including the way that the business world communicates with their prospects and their existing customers – not unlike the way that very shift took place with the advent of the internet itself and began to immediately change the communication infrastructure away from ‘traditional’ pipeline of advertising and marketing, which had been almost totally controlled by media structures.  However, this mobile communications shift far surpassed the prior at adoption levels and rates never before seen.

And it continues, even now.

At TraffiqueJam Mobile, we have embraced today’s most advanced mobile marketing technologies to help companies and businesses of all sizes take advantage of all they have to offer in communicating their message, whether very broad or very targeted, to their prospective and current customers.


Local Mobile SEO

Search Engine Optimization is critically important marketing discipline that implements creative and technical strategies to improve a website’s “findability” on search engines. It is NOT a “one and done” activity.

Mobile Websites

The surge in mobile internet usage spurred Google to make major changes in mobile search algorithms.  Businesses today must have a mobile-optimized website to be found on mobile devices.

SmartPunch Mobile Wallet Loyalty

Build brand awareness and customer loyalty to YOU with our new SmartPunch Mobile Wallet Loyalty system (think “dynamic mobile coupons” that live in your customers’ smartphones) replacing archaic methods (paper punchcards.)

Online Digital Advertising

Advertising is a very critical piece of an effective, overall online marketing strategy to drive traffic. We can implement a variety of disciplines including native ads, real time bidding, retargeting and more.

Our 'SEO Like a Boss' Program

In addition to mobile-specific strategies, our marketing system includes Google Maps, Local Directory Submission, UXO, Video, Reputation & Social Marketing, Programmatic Advertising (RTB, Retargeting, Facebook Targeting/Retargeting) and our best-in-industry SEO (Search Engine Optimization) “LIKE A BOSS!”

Proximity Marketing

Our location technologies (NFC, Beacons, Wifi, GPS/Geofencing) allow you to directly communicate with customers via their smart devices for a cutting edge user experience with your brick and mortar location.

Mobile SMS Text Marketing

Texting is obviously an extremely popular form of communication, so it is a great medium for businesses to engage potential customers and retain existing ones.  We have both the platform and the strategies for SMS.

Mobile QR Code Marketing

A 2-dimensional barcode that can store web addresses and can be placed anywhere, including but not limited to: signs, posters, flyers, coupons, menus, banners & business cards.  Our QR codes are dynamic!


Email/Funnel Marketing

Content Marketing

Google Maps Marketing

Massive Local Directory Submission

Organic Marketing (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

UXO (User Experience Optimization)

Video Marketing (including YouTube)

Reputation Marketing

Social Marketing

Facebook Marketing (Social & Paid Search)

Targeted Digital Advertising including:

Native Ads

RTB (Real Time Bidding)

Programmatic Advertising


Reporting & Analytics

Leave it to the Mobile Marketing Experts!

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Staying abreast of the latest technology will keep you ahead of your competition. With TraffiqueJam Mobile’s cutting edge SmartPunch Mobile Wallet Loyalty system, we will increase your brand awareness and build relationships with your customers by distributing your digital wallet content directly to your customer’s smartphones.  This will ensure that your coupons and loyalty cards are easily accessible, ready for use, and always up to date which will establish a boost in sales and recurring business. Ask us about our SmartPunch loyalty system for your business today.

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