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TraffiqueJam Mobile, LLC, is a cutting-edge mobile marketing agency based in Shelton, CT that serves small-to-medium sized companies all over the United States with some of the most exciting mobile marketing strategies on the planet.

The growth of mobile communications around the world has caused a paradigm shift like nothing ever seen before.  There are more mobile devices on planet earth than the world’s 7 billion population!  1.5 billion of those devices are smartphones…and the growth is exponential, year after year.

To coincide with this magnanimous new paradigm, mobile marketing has exploded in recent years and continues to mature in sophistication. Keeping up with this incredible growth is a full-time job, and we are committed to it daily in order to provide our business customers with access to technologies and strategies that connect mobile consumers with those businesses.  Even very small, single-unit companies on an uber-local level can benefit from these mobile marketing strategies. Larger, multi-unit companies can experience much greater return-on-investment over current, more-traditional forms of marketing by converting those investments in outdated methods into our mobile strategies. Plus, we provide those company’s marketing departments with a complete dashboard system to manage their campaigns in real time to coincide with promotions that can affect all units simultaneously, or limiting to select locations when evaluating product rollout/testing.

Our background is extensive in the world of advertising/marketing and we are proud to marry our collective years’ experience with today’s incredibly cutting-edge mobile marketing technologies and services to benefit those we serve in ways never before available.

We are based in Connecticut but service customers nationwide.  Contact us today to set up a conversation regarding growing your company with TraffiqueJam Mobile.

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Staying abreast of the latest technology will keep you ahead of your competition. With TraffiqueJam Mobile’s cutting edge SmartPunch Mobile Wallet Loyalty system, we will increase your brand awareness and build relationships with your customers by distributing your digital wallet content directly to your customer’s smartphones.  This will ensure that your coupons and loyalty cards are easily accessible, ready for use, and always up to date which will establish a boost in sales and recurring business. Ask us about our SmartPunch loyalty system for your business today.

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