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What Is SmartPunch Mobile Wallet Loyalty?

TraffiqueJam Mobile’s new SmartPunch Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program is the digital version of the old, paper punch card type of customer loyalty.  Because it lives in the customers’ smartphone, it is much more convenient for them, and it gives you, the retailer, huge advantages in its ability to bring customers back over and over again.

This sales system incorporates your loyalty rewards program, Mobile Coupons, Proximity Marketing and Push Notifications to gain new business and keep your loyal customers coming back.

With the changing technology of smartphones and mobile devices, we have to change the way we market. Your customers have gone mobile and your methods should, too. The single most important factor for any long-term, profitable business is ultimate customer loyalty.

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What’s in a Mobile Wallet?

A digital, mobile wallet can include coupons, membership cards, value cards, business cards and event tickets. These are all called “Passes.” This is perfect for the on-the-go modern day consumer – they always have their phone so they will never forget your “Pass” again! And even if they were prone to forget, with the SmartPunch digital punchcard installed on their smartphone, combined with the other mobile technologies on the phone such as GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth, TraffiqueJam Mobile’s multi-pronged outreach technology allows you to ‘ping’ your customers when they come within a certain radius of your location.  Consider the following scenario as an example of how we put this together for you:

  1. Customer is made aware of your SmartPunch Loyalty Program in any number of ways, including in-store signage/posters/table tents or online via social media channels, your website, etc.  (In-store print materials will include a direct portal to your SmartPunch download page, such as an NFC tag or QR code, while online access to same page comes via provided link.) They easily download the Pass, which installs itself on their phone (they are incentivized to download with an extra ‘punch’ to their digital card…and further incentivized to share with friends.)
  2. Going forward, customer travels within a certain, pre-defined radius of your location (GPS) and receives a message from you, reminding them they are close by and about your current loyalty offer. If they do not happen to come within this radius over a pre-defined time frame (say, a week), you can ‘ping’ their phone and invite them to visit, possibly with a ‘special-of-the-day’ message, drink special, event, etc. (Think about sending out on a day/night you’re normally slower.)
  3. Customer responds by coming to your location.
  4. Upon arrival, customer receives a welcome message on their phone, pinged by one of your new TraffiqueJam Mobile beacons, reminding them to use your digital punchcard.
  5. Afterwards, you can send the customer a “thank you” message as well as an email thanking them for their visit and to update them on how many more punches they need in order to redeem their reward as well as any other info you want to share.

Remember, once the customer has downloaded your Pass to their wallet, you can further reward them with extra ‘punches’ by sharing with friends. They’ll receive even more ‘punches’ as those friends fulfill and redeem their SmartPunch passes…and they, in turn, can do the same by sharing with their friends.  Therefore, not only does this program encourage repeat business, it encourages brand-new customers with its multi-level sharing features.  All of it is designed to bring you more new business and more repeat business.

We ensure that your Passes are always up-to date and that your customers get notified of all your new promotions and events.  What’s more, you can have your own dashboard into our system to allow you to change your offers anytime you like, giving you complete freedom to make changes as you like without having to involve us.  Of course, we are always here to help or to completely handle all these chores for you, if you prefer not to deal with such details.

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How Does a Mobile Wallet Work?

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Step 1: Add Pass To Mobile Wallet

We will help distribute Passes to your customers through Email lists, on printed media using NFC Tags or Dynamic QR Codes, Social Media and SMS.  Once viewed, the customer adds your pass to their mobile wallets.

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Step 2: Send Notifications

We send your customers lock screen messages with promotions, updates, and special offers from your business.  When the customer swipes the lock screen message, your pass opens up on their device.  Push notifications can be sent to customers regardless of their geo location; or, geo-targeted messages will be triggered automatically – by GPS or by Beacon – when the customer is close to your business.

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Step 3: In- Store Experience

While at your location, Beacons will keep customers informed of your sales and promotions in each department.  When finished, the customer presents their Pass, which could be a coupon, our SmartPunch Mobile Loyalty Reward digital punchcard, at checkout to take advantage of your special offer.  The customer instantly sees the update in their Mobile wallet!

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Step 4: New Promotions

Now that the customer has your Pass in their Mobile wallets, they will always receive push notifications of your special offers.  This will keep the customer informed and coming back for more!

Benefits of Our Mobile Wallet Loyalty Marketing Program

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Boost Sales

We help you distribute relevant and valuable offers that increase ROI  by sending customers location based coupons and offers that increase engagement and drive traffic through your front door.

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Increase Foot Traffic

Customers are enticed to visit in-store with strategic messaging and special offers as they are in the local area. We will get more people into the door of your business with Proximity Marketing and Push Notifications.

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Increase Customer Loyalty

Give loyal customers special offers by sending notifications to their smartphones when they are in the local area. We will enhance customer loyalty by delivering a better customer experience with the Mobile Wallet system.

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Staying abreast of the latest technology will keep you ahead of your competition. With TraffiqueJam Mobile’s cutting edge SmartPunch Mobile Wallet Loyalty system, we will increase your brand awareness and build relationships with your customers by distributing your digital wallet content directly to your customer’s smartphones.  This will ensure that your coupons and loyalty cards are easily accessible, ready for use, and always up to date which will establish a boost in sales and recurring business. Ask us about our SmartPunch loyalty system for your business today.

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